Millennium Years

Millennium Years is the day of Jesus, or a period of one thousand years. This is the time when Jesus imprisons Satan. Following the return of Christ on earth. The Lord Jesus shall be King over all the earth. You may ask when will Jesus Christ come, only God knows that. The bible tells that the Armageddon is what will trigger Jesus to come back. The Armageddon will be the last war on earth between all the nations. I believe this war will be in Jerusalem, God’s home the place that God loves. The Armageddon war will be started by the Antichrist. This is when Jesus will come to defeat Satan, and when he do defeat Satan this will be the end of the Tribulation age (Revelation 20: 1-3). Then the new age will begin the Millennium age.

This is a special time, because Jesus will live among us with his saints and all the good Christians that kept their faith (Revelation 7: 13-14) and (Revelation 20: 4). The bible tells us that Jesus will live with us for a thousand years (Revelation 20: 4-6). For ten centuries Jesus will rule over the entire world. And all Christians will stand before Jesus to be rewarded for their deeds on earth. Read (Romans 14:10), (2Cpromthians 5:10) and (Isaiah 40:10). There are a number of places in the bible where Jesus tells us about the rewards he will bring (Matthew 16:27), (Revelation 22:12) and (Luke 12:32) there may be more.

We will not have to worry about anything during the thousand years (Millennium). Because God will provide for us in abundance, the entire world will be a paradise. We will live the life that God always wanted for us, before Eve eat from the Tree of Knowledge. How great it will be because we kept our faith. At the end of the thousand years God will release Satan from his prison (Revelation 20: 2-10). When I read this I wanted to know why, he would release the evil one when things are going so good. Happy to say I found my answer. Jesus will let Satan go to kill him for good after this; sin will be gone for good. Then God will bring a new earth from heaven as promised (Revelation 3:12 and 21:2).

You may ask why a new earth, because Jesus want a fresh new earth that has not been touch by sin or Satan, can you blame him!¬† In (Luke 1:31-33) tells us that Jesus Kingdom will not end that means all God’s people will live forever. Isn’t that worth being a person of God? Jesus taught his disciples to pray for his Kingdom to come see (Luke 11:2-4). Our Father in heaven. Your Kingdom come. Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Deliver us from the evil one. Go to Luke to get the whole prayer. Let me mention that the word millennium is not in the bible, the bible only uses the words a thousand years, but millennium means one thousand years.

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